A Bar-Misvah is a very special event which requires a very special place to be taken in, a spiritual place with deep meaning of a historical tradition and a nostalgic location in the center of Jerusalem.

Come celebrate with us!

The Ades synagogue is opening its gates to you for an unusual experience that you and your son will never forget:
Celebrate your Bar-Misvah and the Aliyah in one of Jerusalem’s most unique locations –Ades synagogue.

An aliyah in the Great Synagogue Ades of the Glorious Aleppo Community in Jerusalem is a very special event.

The Ades synagogue is a remarkably beautiful and preserved place. The ancient synagogue, founded in 1901, in the Nahalat Siyon neighborhood in Jerusalem is the most luxurious synagogue of all the synagogues in Nahla’ot, its walls have been well preserved, and are decorated with magnificent frescoes painted between 1912 and 1913. The eastern wall has a hand-carved wooden holy ark inlaid with mother-of=pearl crafted and brought from Damascus, Syria.

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What does the synagogue offer?

  • Preparation for the Aliyah, with rehearsal reading and learning the cantillations by a hazzan appointed by the synagogue.
  • A hazzan and a paytan who help lead the congregation in songful prayer.
  • The synagogue offers about 120 seats at the men's section and 30 seats at the women's section.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Space for storing food, a refrigerator and hotplates.
  • A possibility to have a Shabbat Hatan with the hazzanim and paytanim of the synagogue who will accompany the Sabbath with prayer and pizmonim.

For further details please contact Avi Vaknin - 0542949497