Shabbat Hatan (wedding)

This is one of the Jewish nation's earliest and most beautiful customs. In the times of Beit HaMikdash, grooms would go through the grooms’ gate and the crowd around them would sing and bless them.

Ades synagogue invites you to celebrate in a nostalgic location and with a special atmosphere. Ades synagogue is the most luxurious of synagogues located in the magical Nachla’ot neighborhood. The hazzans and paytans of the synagogue, whose name has spread throughout the world, will provide the groom and the happy families an unforgettable experience and will accompany the Sabbath with songs and great joy, of the type which existed during the time of the Temple.

Come celebrate with us!

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Commemorating the death anniversary of a deceased is an important event for family and people close to the deceased. Ades synagogue offers the option of having the azkara on mincha time in a special location, in the Nachla’ots most luxurious synagogue.

There is also the possibility of having brachot and A Torah lesson in memory of the deceased. Women's section is opened as well.

For further details please contact Avi Vaknin - 0542949497

בר מצווה3


A Bar-Misvah is a very special event which requires a very special place to be taken in, a spiritual place with deep meaning of a historical tradition and a nostalgic location in the center of Jerusalem.

An aliyah in the Great Synagogue Ades of the Glorious Aleppo Community in Jerusalem is a very special event.

For further details please contact Avi Vaknin - 0542949497